• Denmark should be a frontrunner in responsible development and use of artificial intelligence (AI)

    Publiceret 14-03-2019

    With a new National strategy for artificial intelligence, the government sets the framework for how Denmark can acquire the great potentials of AI in the years to come. The strategy is launched today ...

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    Report on Growth and Competitiveness 2018 - Summary

    Publiceret 11-12-2018

    Danish companies and employees in Denmark and abroad have been able to create production that has contributed to growth and prosperity.Denmark's overall increase in prosperity (GNI) has thus been on p..

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    Making EU Trade in Services Work for All

    Publiceret 29-11-2018

    A study prepared by Copenhagen Economics demonstrates that there is a unrealised potential to increase trade in the services sector The study demonstrates that a fragmented services market hampers p..

  • 9 recommendations to strengthen Danish businesses in the responsible use of data

    Publiceret 22-11-2018

    The Danish Expert Group on Data Ethics has presented its recommendations on how to make the responsible use of data a competitive advantage for businesses.

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    Villages - now and in the future

    Publiceret 13-06-2018

    Viable villages throughout Denmark creating a framework for people of all age groups to lead an active and fulfilling life. This is the committee’s vision for Danish villages in 2030.

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    Strategy for Denmarks digital growth

    Publiceret 23-04-2018

    The Government’s vision is for Denmark to be a digital frontrunner, with all Danes gaining from the digitalisation. We must be ambitious, striding confidently into the future to exploit the potential..

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    Maritime Denmark a global power hub

    Publiceret 14-03-2018

    The Government’s Plan for Growth in the Danish Maritime Sector positions the country to become a global maritime hub by 2025.

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    Digitisation and productivity - Growth Potential in Danish Businesses

    Publiceret 21-02-2018

    This analysis examines the correlation between digitisation and productivity in Danish businesses in the period 2010-2014. There is a positive correlation between digitisation and productivity.

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    Denmark as a digital frontrunner

    Publiceret 01-06-2017

    Digital Growth Panel's Vision: Denmark as a digital frontrunner. Denmark and the rest of the world is on the verge of a new industrial revolution. New digital solutions will increasingly become part o ...

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    Summary: Denmark - going for growth

    Publiceret 22-05-2017

    Denmark has succeeded in creating one of the most prosperous countries in the world with a high degree of cohesion. The Danish economy has experienced progress since 2009 and Denmark has come out of t ...