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    Making EU Trade in Services Work for All

    Publiceret 29-11-2018

    A study prepared by Copenhagen Economics demonstrates that there is a unrealised potential to increase trade in the services sector The study demonstrates that a fragmented services market hampers p..

  • 9 recommendations to strengthen Danish businesses in the responsible use of data

    Publiceret 22-11-2018

    The Danish Expert Group on Data Ethics has presented its recommendations on how to make the responsible use of data a competitive advantage for businesses.

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    Villages - now and in the future

    Publiceret 13-06-2018

    Viable villages throughout Denmark creating a framework for people of all age groups to lead an active and fulfilling life. This is the committee’s vision for Danish villages in 2030.

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    Strategy for Denmarks digital growth

    Publiceret 23-04-2018

    The Government’s vision is for Denmark to be a digital frontrunner, with all Danes gaining from the digitalisation. We must be ambitious, striding confidently into the future to exploit the potential ...

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    Maritime Denmark a global power hub

    Publiceret 14-03-2018

    The Government’s Plan for Growth in the Danish Maritime Sector positions the country to become a global maritime hub by 2025.

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    Digitisation and productivity - Growth Potential in Danish Businesses

    Publiceret 21-02-2018

    This analysis examines the correlation between digitisation and productivity in Danish businesses in the period 2010-2014. There is a positive correlation between digitisation and productivity.

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    Denmark as a digital frontrunner

    Publiceret 01-06-2017

    Digital Growth Panel's Vision: Denmark as a digital frontrunner. Denmark and the rest of the world is on the verge of a new industrial revolution. New digital solutions will increasingly become part o ...

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    Summary: Denmark - going for growth

    Publiceret 22-05-2017

    Denmark has succeeded in creating one of the most prosperous countries in the world with a high degree of cohesion. The Danish economy has experienced progress since 2009 and Denmark has come out of t ...

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    Report on Growth and Competitiveness - Summary

    Publiceret 17-05-2016

    Denmark has a high level of prosperity. However, since the mid-1990s, growth in productivity in Denmark has been relatively weak both compared to other OECD countries and in a historical perspective. ...

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    Group of Experts on a Minimum Leverage-Ratio Requirement for Legal Institutions

    Publiceret 18-01-2016

    The Group of Experts on a minimum leverage-ratio requirement for financial institutions is in agreement about a number of recommendations that can form the basis for the Government’s position for fort ...